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Personal Loan FAQs

How much cash can I get when I apply for a loan?

We provide personal loans from $1,000 to $10,000. The size of the loan you receive may depend on your ability to repay the loan and the collateral used. The most common types of collateral used are personal property and automobiles. We also work with car dealers and furniture distributors to help finance auto purchases up to $15,000 and furniture purchases up to $5,000. You’ll receive the money in the form of a check you can cash.

Can I get my cash same day?

In most cases loan approval takes about an hour, so you can get the money you need the same day you submit your application. Once you receive confirmation of your approval, you can stop by your nearest office and pick up your check.

How do I apply for a loan?

There are three ways to apply for a cash loan: complete the secure, online application; call us, and a representative will fill out an application over the phone; or stop by one of our branches and complete an application in person.

Will I qualify for a loan?

Loan approvals are based on a variety of circumstances that are unique to each individual, but we will work to try to find a way to make you a loan.  We have a liberal loan policy and regularly work with individuals who may not have perfect credit.  We do have a few mandatory requirements:

    • You must reside within 25 miles of one of our locations.
    • You must have a valid NC photo identification–or a valid VA ID if you reside in the state of Virginia but still live within 25 miles of one of our offices. 

Can I qualify for a loan with Bad Credit?

Don’t let bad credit keep you from the cash you need. We strive to help good, hard-working people get the personal loans they need. Loan approvals are based on a variety of circumstances that are unique to each individual, but we will work to try to find a way to make you a loan. Visit our page about how to get a loan with bad credit HERE


What should I bring when I come into a Time Financing Service location?

Valid photo ID
Income verification

What will my interest rate be?

Interest rates vary and are based on the size of the loan, but our rates are highly competitive and are governed by the North Carolina General Statutes for Consumer Finance Companies. If you want to get an idea of what your monthly payment might be, talk with one of our representatives.

How do I pay back my loan?

We offer three easy ways to make payments on your loan.

    • You can pay at your local branch office with cash, check or money order.
    • You can call your local branch and pay with a check by phone.
    • You can make a payment online using Pay N Seconds, a secure third party vendor. Pay N Seconds accepts either a debit card or electronic check. There is an additional fee for online payment, and credit cards are not an accepted form of payment.

Can I use my money for a family vacation?

Absolutely! We understand that saving for a family vacation can be extremely difficult, that’s why the cash you receive from Time Financing Service can be used for almost anything. We’re flexible even when your schedule can’t be.

Can I use my money for Christmas gifts?

Yes, you can! In fact, the holiday season is a great time to get a loan from us. Get the money you need now to take care of your family's wish list, and pay it back over time with our comfortable repayment plan.

Can I use this money to purchase a new car?

You can receive a cash loan of up to $10,000, which you can use towards the purchase of a new car. Time Financing Service has also worked directly with car dealers. For more information, please contact your local branch.

What else can I use the money for?

Personal loans, also called cash loans, can be used for almost anything. In fact, Christmas and the holiday season is a perfect time for a fast personal loan to pay for all of those holiday gifts. Some of the other things you can use your loan for include:

    • Holiday Gifts
    • Car Repair
    • Medical Emergency
    • Furniture
    • Engagement Rings
    • Weddings
    • Appliances
    • Gifts for That Special Someone

I received a check in the mail, what do I do?

Congratulations, although it isn’t a cashable check, it does mean that you are already prequalified for the amount indicated—and you could be eligible for even more! Stop by one of our locations to see how much you qualify for. Click here to learn more about this mailer.

What if I have additional questions?

Contact us! Check our Locations page to find the phone number for the nearest office, fill out the contact form online, or stop by a branch and one of our knowledgeable associates will help you with any additional questions you may have.

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