You Received a Check in the Mail?

Congratulations! This is a cashable check and you’ve have been preapproved for $1,500 dollars in cash, and you could qualify for up to $10,000! Simply come by the closest Time Financing Service ® office today, and see how we can help you get the cash you need.

Christmas and the holiday season is one of the most important times of year to have a little extra cash in your pocket. That’s exactly why we’ve extended this exclusive offer to you; to make sure you have the money you need to pay for all those expensive holiday gifts.

The money can be used for almost anything including:

  • Holiday Gifts
  • Medical bills
  • Back to school shopping
  • Vacations
  • Car repairs
  • Home appliances
  • Furniture

Note: This “pre-screened” offer of credit is based on information in your credit report indicating that you meet certain criteria. This offer is not guaranteed if you do not meet our criteria (including providing acceptable property as collateral).

Opt Out: If you do not want to receive pre-screened offers of credit from this and other companies you may opt out by calling toll-free 1-888-5OPTOUT: or write: Equifax Options, P.O. Box 740123, Atlanta, GA 30374-0123; Experian – Opt Out, P.O. Box 919, Allen, TX 75013; TransUnion-Name Removal Option, P.O. Box 505, Woodlyn, PA 19094


Offer not valid if you have open loans with Time Financing Service ®. Time Financing Service ® may require a pledge of collateral to obtain a loan. All loans subject to current credit policy of Time Financing Service ®. Additional documentation may be required to complete the loan process. You must borrow at least $1,000 to participate in this offer. Maximum APR not to exceed 35.99%.