Creditor Third-Party Authorization

I understand that it may be necessary for you to contact one or more of my existing or previous creditors, whether or not they are listed on my current consumer credit report, to verify certain personal non-public information about me, including, but not necessarily limited to, payment history, number of loans or accounts, repossessions, address and other contact information, employment history and overall performance of contractual obligations.  I hereby authorize you to make such verbal or written inquiries regarding this information to Time Investment Corporation t/a Time Financing Service ® (hereinafter “Time Investment”) and I hereby expressly give my consent for Time Investment to release any information requested by you and I hereby expressly release Time Investment from any liability of any kind or type whatsoever for providing said information to you including any liability from any alleged violation of any provision of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Gramm-Leach-Billey Privacy Act or any similar or related Federal or State laws or regulations related to the disclosure of said information to third parties.  This release is ongoing and will continue even so long as I have any remaining obligations to pay you for any existing or future financial obligations of any kind.

I/We authorize Time Investment Corporation T/A Time Financing Service ® (hereinafter “Time Financing Service ®”), to communicate information regarding my loan to any or all of the designated third parties listed below. Time Financing Service ® is expressly authorized to communicate any and all information about my loan or contract with Time Financing Service ® which may include account/loan information about collateral, payment status, payment amount, account balance, account payoff, any late fees or other charges owing on the account, and any amount necessary to either keep the account current or bring it current if it is past due or otherwise in default. I am granting this authorization to you and designating the person or persons below pursuant to the provisions of N.C.G.S. Section 75-53 (1) (a).

I agree to hold Time Financing Service ®, its employees, officers, and agents harmless from any claims based upon the above authorization, and release any claims against said parties for any claims I might otherwise assert pursuant to any state or federal law or regulation concerning the dissemination of any information regarding my debt to a third party by executing this authorization.

By submitting I/we agree to the information above.