Reduce the Cost of Your Wedding

Congratulations on your Engagement! Planning your dream wedding is exciting and sometimes extremely overwhelming. If you are on a tight budget, the things that you want and the things that you can afford may look very different. At Time Financing Service ®, we want your special day to be exactly the way you’ve always imagined it. Not only will we help you get the money you need through our fast and easy loan application, but we’ve compiled some money saving tips to help keep your wedding costs down without compromising your fairytale.

Timing is Everything

  • Planning your wedding during Off-Peak Seasons can save you 20-30%. This can be thousands of dollars so pick a time in November or between January-March.
  • Avoid Saturdays. Choose a Friday Evening or Sunday afternoon.
  • Lunch and mid-afternoon food is less expensive than dinner options


  • Grandma’s backyard is already full of great memories. Why not add one more to the list?
  • Civic gardens make beautiful backdrops and can be less expensive than traditional wedding venues.
  • Local parks can oftentimes be reserved and will significantly reduce your cost.


  • You will wear it once and then it will live in a closet. There are beautiful gowns now that can be rented for the day saving you hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on your taste.
  • Don’t overlook eBay or Craigslist. Sometimes brides change their minds and sell their original dress to offset the cost of their change of heart. Sometimes, when weddings get called off, brides just want to get rid of that dress. Take advantage.
  • Search for sample sales or designer sales off the rack to save up to 70% on your dream gown.


  • Create signature cocktails for your wedding using one specific liquor to limit the amount you will have to purchase.
  • Offer only wine or beer and keep it simple.


  • Pinterest is your best friend here. Make your own centerpieces and bouquets based off of ideas that have already been tried by other brides. Floral arrangements cost more when you are paying for time-intensive labor. Doing it yourself will save you big money.
  • Limit your flower choice to one or two types of flowers and use lots of greenery. Ordering in bulk is definitely the way to go.
  • Utilize twigs and natural findings that you can collect at a local park to combine in your arrangements to add texture and layers.


  • Book your photographer for less time by using candids from friends and family while getting ready and for the end of the reception. Have them arrive for the ceremony only and cut your cake early so you can dismiss your photographer sooner.
  • Encourage your guests to take photos and share them online. Use a hashtag, #CaseyAndElleTietheKnot, for the ultimate photo collection.


  • Create a sign for the table at the exit with a bowl full of individually wrapped candies that reads, “Thank you for joining us. In lieu of favors, we have made a charitable donation to our favorite charity in your honor”. Pssst, it’s tax deductible.
  • If favors are a must, put the guests’ name on each and let it double as a place card.


These are just a few ways for you to reduce your wedding day expenses. Be sure to carefully plan your budget and be realistic about expectations. Always keep your partner as your first priority while planning and remember that the purpose of this entire event is to celebrate the love you share and join together as one.

How to Budget Your Wedding


Attire & Accessories

  • Dress Accessories
  • Tuxedo/suit / other Rent or purchase
  • Wedding Dress

Beauty & Spa

  • Hair & Makeup Service
  • Manicure & Pedicure


  • DJ, Live Band or Musician

Flowers & Decorations

  • Boutonnieres, Corsages
  • Bridal Bouquet
  • Event Decorations & Floral Arrangements

Bridal Party Flowers

  • Invitations
  • Ceremony Programs
  • Guest Book
  • Invitations & Reply Cards
  • Postage
  • Table Name and Escort/Place Cards
  • Thank You Cards

Gifts & Favors

  • Gift /s for Attendants
  • Gift /s for Parents
  • Tips (for all services)
  • Wedding Favors


  • Engagement Ring
  • Wedding Rings / Bands

Photography & Video

  • Engagement Session
  • Wedding Photographer
  • Wedding Videographer

Venue, Catering & Rentals

  • Ceremony Officiator
  • Event Food & Bar Service
  • Event Location
  • Event Rentals
  • Hotel Room for After Reception
  • Limo Rental

Rehearsal Dinner

Wedding Cake

Gifts & Favors

  • Gift /s for Attendants
  • Gift /s for Parents
  • Tips (for all services)
  • Wedding Favors


  • Engagement Ring
  • Wedding Rings/Bands

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