Reinvent Your Outdoor Living Space for Less

Whether you live in a quaint apartment with a rooftop patio or a home in the suburbs with a beautiful backyard, you are going to want to make the most out of your outdoor living space. The good news is that you don’t have to have a luxury budget in order to create a fun and functional space. From the front porch to the backyard patio, these tips will help you reinvent your outdoor living space for less.

Add Ambiance With a Fire Pit

For thousands of years, fire has drawn people together. A fire source is practically a necessity in any outdoor living space, but you don’t have to hire a landscape architect to create a luxurious outdoor fireplace in order to enjoy the company of others in your yard. Purchase a simple fire pit from a local hardware store, or create your own using river stones as a border. You also may want to consider a propane fire pit, which can easily and safely be turned on and off at any point.

Relax by a Fountain

Many people assume that the only way they can have a fountain in their yard is if they carve out a pond and hire a professional to install a large, flowing fountain. It’s not surprising that this might be out of your budget, but there are actually many other affordable fountain options. Many lawn and garden stores sell simple fountains that can plug into your electrical outlets, offering an attractive focal point that is also within your price point.

Create Comfort With an Outdoor Rug

Bring the comfort of the indoors into your outdoor living space by adding an outdoor area rug to your patio or deck. This is an easy way to add a design element to your outdoor living space and incorporate a pop of color. It also creates a relaxing atmosphere and defines the space where people should sit, hang out and connect with one another.

Install a Gazebo for Privacy and Peacefulness

Large gazebos that anchor into your deck or patio are a great way to turn your outdoor living space into an all-season area. The gazebo is ideal for providing shade on the sunniest days, and netting can often protect your visitors from pesky insects that also share your outdoor living area. Of course, you won’t want to forget to add a string of lights to your gazebo to set the stage for a perfect night in the great outdoors.

Include Seating for Everyone

The key to creating a functional outdoor living space that appeals to everyone is to diversify your seating. Invest in an affordable patio set that allows people to dine outside if they wish, but also add benches, large recliners, lounge chairs and swings to your outdoor living area. When you have multiple seating options, you’ll be better able to entertain, and you can also customize the space to meet the needs of your specific circumstances.

An outdoor living space is the ideal area to gather with friends while entertaining or cozy up with that special someone after a long day at work. Whether you like to roast s’mores with your children or sip wine with your friends, you’ll be glad you took the time to update your outdoor living space.